Spring Framework

Spring MVC

In this section I’ll go through a complete Spring MVC project starting from the begining, means I’ll explain every part of building it. The project is Jmailer, an email delivery service and this is its features:

  • Spring MVC
  • XML Configuration
  • Managing exceptions with AOP
  • Managing exceptions with HandlerExceptionResolver
  • Logger using JMS and ActiveMQ
  • Java Melody to measure performance
  • Freemarker to manage email templating
  • Oauth2 Authentification
  • IP Whitelist using interceptors
  • Command validation with hibernate
  • Java Mail library
  • Bootstrap


Spring Boot

In this section I will cover small projects I’m doing using Spring Boot, what is called micro services.

Spring Boot Reactive

This section will explore a new paradigm introduced in Spring Framework 5, reactive programming.

Spring Boot Reactivo en Español

Esta sección está dedicada a explicar la programación reactiva introducida en Spring 5

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