Juice and smoothie recipes provide alternatives to heal our body or boost energy levels

jugoterapia Every day more and more people are willing to have healthy and natural alternatives as source of nutrients to provide physical wellness. Maintain our body in a good shape and balance is not an easy task and even more complicated to restore it while sick. A good way to achieve a healthy alimentation is to eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables, Jugoterapia is a kind of therapy that helps to achieve healthy lifestyle. This concept we call Jugoterapia.

Juices and smoothies are very effective ways to provide minerals, vitamins and essential elements to our body to be healthy. With Jugoterapia you will find several delicious fruit and vegetable combinations, they will provide an improvement in your day to day life.

This Android application has more than 100 recipes ready to help not only improve your health but also to heal your body in case of sickness. Share this application to everyone you love and you want well.

What is new?

This application is available in English and Spanish and it really depends on your Android language configuration. If your language plaform is Spanish then Jugoterapia will be in Spanish otherwhise in English. If you take a cool juice or smoothie picture, please feel free to share it with me, you can find my contact information in the landing page in this web site.

In order to install this application you need to have installed Ice Cream 4.0.3 or newest.

I hope you enjoy Jugoterapia as much as I did creating it for you.

More Information?

Jugoterapia is Opensource