Juice and smoothie recipes provide alternatives to heal our bodies and boost energy.

fruitypedia Every day, more people are willing to have healthy and natural alternatives as a source of nutrients to provide physical wellness. Maintaining our bodies in good shape is not easy, especially when we are sick. Preventive medicine is key! A good way to achieve a healthy alimentation is to eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables. Fruitypedia offers therapy that helps to have a healthy lifestyle.

Juices and smoothies effectively provide minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients to our body to be healthy. With Fruitypedia, you will find several delicious fruit and vegetable combinations to improve your lifestyle.

This Android application has over 100 recipes ready to improve your health and heal your body in case of sickness. Share this application with everyone you love and you want healthy.

What is new?

  • alpha-1.4 We are back, providing new smoothie recipes!

In order to install this application, you need to have installed Lollipop 5.0 or newest. I hope you enjoy Fruitypedia as much as I did coding it for you.

More Information?

Jugoterapia is Opensource

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